Polyethylene - (LDPE, LLDPE , HDPE)


HDPE is a highly crystalline non-polar thermoplastic resin produced through the copolymerization of ethylene and a small amount of a-olefin monomer. HDPE is synthesized under low pressure. HDPE is mainly a linear molecular structure and has little branching. It can withstand high temperatures and has good rigidity and mechanical strength and anti-chemical corrosion. Although both materials are polyethylene, they do have different properties. LDPE is softer, more flexible and melts at a lower temperature than HDPE. Low density polyethylene, also known as high pressure polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is used in sandwich bags and other types of packaging. HDPE is harder, has a higher chemical resistance and can withstand higher temperatures.

LDPE & LLDPE Raw Material & Granules

As a plastic granule manufacture in its modern and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to be further used in producing utilities and products in industries as Water proofing sheet, ACP Sheets

HDPE & Raw Material & Granules

It is "polythene" when used for HDPE pipes. With a high strength-to-density ratio, HDPE is used in the production of plastic bottles, piping, garbage bag and plastic lumber. HDPE is commonly recycled, and has the number "2" as its resin identification code.

PIPE Grade - ( PE 100 & PE 80 )

HDPE Sheet Grade & PE 63

HDPE Pallet & Gallon